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At Balance By Anton, I firmly believe that balance is the key to unlocking your full potential in all aspects of life. Whether you’re a social butterfly or have a busy lifestyle, I will empower you to realize that you can achieve real results without sacrificing your love for socializing.

Through my programs, you will learn to harmonise your work, personal life, and fitness goals, discovering the perfect balance that allows you to thrive.

Join me at Balance By Anton and embark on a transformational journey, where you will unlock the power of balance and create a life that aligns with your true aspirations

What will
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for you

Working out as many days that fit into your weekly schedule, focusing on the areas that you are looking to improve, whether that is working out from home or gym. My job is to be a problem solver and to help you find that balance in your lifestyle. Which is why every single plan I create is personal to you.

You can’t out train a poor nutritional plan! With my nutritional expertise I am here to help you thrive! I will create you a perfect tasty nutritious plan to give your body the most nutrient rich foods tailored to your goals & preferences, cooking time and budget with a full macro breakdown & recipe cooking instructions. You will never be in a calorie prison of restricted calories

I will be on hold Mon – Friday to give you support, guidance, motivation and to help you along the way. Having direct access to me and vice versa is how I will hold you accountable and supported.

In order to track your progress we will have a weekly check to make sure we are on track and progressing in the right direction both physically and mentally. My main goal is to make sure your progressions are both realistic and sustainable to fit around your lifestyle.

 Shopping made easy – fully supported shopping to help you stay on track, save money and plan ahead. Activity tracker – keep on top your daily activities and steps. Workout Log – Save your workouts, see your progressions and celebrate any personal bests. Get rid of bad habits – I will also coach you to success to help you get rid of any bad habits Goal Setting – We can set some additional physical goals to keep you motivated and feel your best.
Success Stories
Fitness Scotland
Level 2 Exercise & Fitness knowledge
Awarded 8th November 2011
Fitness Scotland
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Awarded 17th December 2011
Level 2 Gym Based Exercise
Awarded 30th January 2012
Precision Nutrition
Level 1
Awarded 25th June 2015
Level 2 Fitness Instructing for children
Awarded 30th April 2020
Boxercise Instructor
Awarded 1st March 2016
Les Mills Body Pump Instructor
Awarded 11th April 2015
Kettlercise Instructor
Awarded 2nd March 2014
Les Mills Rpm Instructor
Awarded 5th November 2018
MetaFit Instructor
Awarded November 2013
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